- C O N S E R V E C A S G I U M E R Z U -

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Description: 19,90 € THE CAN!
SOLD BY 2 FOR 38 € !

The famous Soup Can of no less famous Andy Warhol is reinterpreted by Marcè at the usu corsu. This series of cans mix tribute and humour is a nod to the master of Pop Art. A series limited to 999ex that will soon become a collector's item. The can contains:- a wallet with 3 stickers- a pin's- a bracelet- a paper size postcard print signed by the artist.

WARNING ! A labelling period of one week is necessary!

Details: Height 11,5cm
Diametre 7,5cm
Canned metal preserves in Corsica at the Casatorra Conserverie.

ATTENTION ! Un délai d'étiquetage d'une semaine est nécessaire !
Shipping & Returns:

Shipping delay: 5 days

Colissimo International, Delivery time 3 to 8 working days

Categorie(s): HOME DECORATION / Misc.

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